This Privacy Policy is effective from 6st January 2021.

This document defines the policy of the Administration regarding the processing of personal data relating to the Users of the Website. The privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) defines the goals and conditions for the processing of personal data, as well as the strategy for their protection. This document has been drawn up under the rules and regulations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

This Privacy Policy for personal data applies to all information that the Website Administration (Individual entrepreneur Strokin A.V.) can receive about the User while using the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Website).

By visiting the Website and using the services posted on it, you confirm that you have read the provisions of the Policy in the presented version and agree to its terms. In this regard, we kindly ask you to carefully study this document and in case of disagreement with any of its provisions or in the absence of a desire to transfer any information to us, immediately stop using the Website and the services posted on it.

1. Terminology

1.1. Terms and definitions used in the Terms and Conditions are applicable throughout the Policy.

1.2. "Administration" – Individual entrepreneur Strokin A.V. (FISCAL NUMBER: 550410952104, PRIMARY PUBLIC REGISTRATION NUMBER OF AN INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEUR 320554300038581), who owns the domain.

1.3. "Processing of personal data" – any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1.4. "Confidentiality of personal data" is a mandatory requirement for the person who has gained access to personal data to prevent their dissemination without the consent of the subject of personal data or other legal grounds.

1.5. "User" – a person who has access to the Website via the Internet and uses the Website in any way.

1.6. "Cookies" is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on a user's computer, which the web client or web browser sends to the web server each time in an HTTP request when trying to open the page of the corresponding website.

1.7. “IP-address” is a unique network address of a node in a computer network built based on the TCP/IP protocol stack.

2. General Points

2.1. This Privacy Policy applies only to the website The Website Administration does not control and is not responsible for other websites on the Internet to which the User can click on the links available on the Website, including for the processing of Users' personal data on such websites.

2.2. Within the framework of this Policy, the personal information of the User means:

2.2.1. Personal information that the User provides about himself/herself independently when registering on the Website, in the feedback form when sending any request to the Website Administration, including the User's personal data, as well as additional information that the User specifies in the Account (personal cabinet) on the Website. Information required for the provision of services is marked in a special way. Other information is provided by the User at his/her discretion.

2.2.2. Information about the bets made in sportsbooks/totes, which the User enters into the Website's betting table, financial transactions in sportsbooks/totes, which the User enters into the table of deposits and withdrawals of the Website's betting tracker. This information is confidential, only on the condition that the User, via the settings, does not provide or has provided in the past access to their betting tracker in any of the ways. If the User has opened access to their betting tracker in any of the ways in the past or in the present, then this data n is not confidential and this Privacy Policy does not apply to it. In this regard, the Website Administration does not bear any responsibility for possible losses of any nature or loss of the User if the User was provided with access to their betting tracker for all in any of the ways.

2.2.3. Data that is automatically transmitted to the services of the Website in the course of their use using the software installed on the User's device, including the IP address, cookie data, information about the User's browser (or another program via which the services are accessed), technical characteristics of the hardware and software used by the User, the date and time of access to the services, the addresses of the requested pages and other similar information.

2.3. When registering on the Website, the User provides the following data:

2.4. When sending a request to the Website Administration via the feedback form, the User provides the following data:

2.5. By registering on the Website, the User voluntarily and explicitly accepts the terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and voluntarily agrees to the Processing of his/her personal data under this Privacy Policy.

2.6. It is assumed that the User provides reliable information about himself/herself. The Website Administration is not obliged to verify the accuracy of the information provided. The User is personally responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided.

2.7. The User undertakes to use only his/her personal data. In the event that third parties have claims against the Administration regarding the illegal use of personal data that do not belong to the User, the User undertakes to settle such claims independently and at their own expense, as well as compensate the Administration for all costs and losses incurred by him/her as a result of the violation of this paragraph by the User.

2.8. We do not store the payment data of Users who made a payment on our Website. The financial intermediary between the Website and the User is Paddle. In exceptional cases, to improve the service, we may occasionally ask Paddle for information about the payment methods of Users in order to improve our payment service in the future. By registering on the Website, the User gives the Administration consent to such a request for information. Paddle Privacy Policy:

2.9. The Website is not intended for visiting minors (the age of majority is determined by the legislation of the country of such a visitor). If you are a parent or guardian and you know that your child has provided the Administration with his/her personal data, please contact the Administration via the feedback form. If the Website Administration becomes aware of the fact of the Processing of personal data of underage visitors without confirmation of parental consent, the Administration will take steps to remove this information from the servers where the Website is located.

2.10. Communication with the Administration on any issues of processing personal data under the Policy is carried out through the feedback form.

3. Purposes of processing Users personal information

3.1. The Website collects and stores only that personal information that is necessary to provide the services of the Website, except in cases where the legislation provides for the mandatory storage of personal information for a period specified by law.

3.2. The Website processes the User's personal information for the following purposes:

3.2.1. Identifying the User and providing the User with access to the personalized resources of the Website.

3.2.2. Establishing feedback with the User, including sending notifications, requests regarding the use of the Website, the provision of services, processing requests, and applications from the User.

3.2.3. Providing the User with effective customer and technical support in case of problems related to the use of the Website.

3.2.4. Sending information messages of news content by e-mails to the e-mail method and/or other channels specified during registration on the Website. We may occasionally make mailings to the email addresses of Users, which will relate exclusively to the functionality of our service. If the User does not want to receive letters from us of any content, they can always unsubscribe in the body of the letter.

3.2.5. Conducting statistical and other research-based on anonymized data.

4. Conditions for the processing of Users personal data and its transfer to third parties

4.1. The Website stores the User's personal information indefinitely, provided that such User visits the Website periodically.

4.2. The Website automatically deletes the User Account with all personal data after three years from the last visit of such a User to the Website or from the moment the User's Subscription expires, provided that after that the User has not visited the Website.

4.3. The Website has the right to transfer the User's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

4.3.1. The User has agreed to such actions.

4.3.2. The transfer is necessary for the User to use a certain service or to fulfill a certain agreement or contract with the User.

4.3.3. The transfer is provided for by international law within the framework of the procedure established by law.

4.3.4. In the event of the sale of the Website, the acquirer acquires all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy concerning the personal data received by them.

4.4. To analyze and monitor actions on the Website, the Administration uses a third-party service Google Analytics, a web analytics service from Google that tracks and transmits to the Administration information about Website traffic and other metrics. The User can refuse to have his/her actions on the Website available for Google Analytics by installing a special Google Analytics Opt-out browser extension. For more information on Google's privacy policy, visit the web page:

4.5. The User's personal data may be transferred and stored on servers located outside the state, province, country, or other state jurisdiction of the User, where data protection laws may differ from the laws of the User's jurisdiction. By accepting the Privacy Policy, the User agrees that his/her personal data will be transferred and processed on servers located in the United States.

4.6. The Website Administration takes all necessary measures within the reasonable framework to ensure the safe handling of the User's personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and no transfer of the User's personal data will occur to an organization or country unless proper control is provided, including the security of personal data and other personal information of the User. However, the Administration of the Website warns that, no matter how the Administration tries to protect the personal data of Users, there is no 100% secure way of storing data.

4.7. The processing of the User's personal data is carried out without any time limit, except for the case provided for in clause 4.2., in any legal way, including in personal data information systems using automation tools or without using such tools.

4.8. In case of loss or disclosure of personal data, the Website Administration informs the User about the loss or disclosure of personal data.

4.9. The Website Administration takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties.

4.10. The Website Administration together with the User takes all necessary measures to prevent losses or other negative consequences caused by the loss or disclosure of the User's personal data.

5. Legal basis for the processing of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

5.1. If the User is from the European Economic Area (EEA), the Website Administration's legal basis for the Processing of personal data described in this Privacy Policy depends on the personal data processed by the Administration and the specific context in which they are processed.

5.2. The Administration can process personal data:

6. Data protection rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

6.1. If the User is a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), then such User has certain rights to protect personal data. The Administration seeks to take all necessary measures, within reason, to allow the User to correct, change, delete or restrict the use of his/her personal data.

6.2. In the event that the User wants to receive information about what personal data about him/her is stored by the Administration, or if the User wants them to be removed from the servers on which the Website is located, then the User must make an appropriate request through the feedback form. For the rules for deleting an Account, see clause 7.2.5.

6.3. Under certain circumstances, the User has the following data protection rights:

Please note that the Administration has the right to request confirmation of identity from the User before responding to requests from paragraphs. 6.3.

6.4. The User has the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority in connection with the Processing of his/her personal data by the Administration. For more information, please contact your local data protection authority in the European Economic Area (EEA).

7. Obligations of the parties

7.1. The User is obliged:

7.1.1. Provide information about personal data necessary to use the services of the Website.

7.1.2. Update, supplement the provided information about personal data in case of changes in this information.

7.2. The Website Administration is obliged:

7.2.1. Use the information received solely for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

7.2.2. Ensure that confidential information is kept secret, not disclosed without the prior written permission of the User, and also not sell, exchange, publish or disclose in any other possible way the transferred personal data of the User, except as provided for in this Privacy Policy.

7.2.3. Take precautions to protect the confidentiality of the User's personal data in accordance with the procedure usually used to protect this kind of information in existing business terrain.

7.2.4. Block personal data related to the relevant User from the moment of contact or request of the User or his/her legal representative, or an authorized body for the protection of the rights of subjects of personal data for the period of verification in case of revealing inaccurate personal data or illegal actions.

7.2.5. Delete all personal information about the User, including the data of the current or archived the User's betting tracker, by deleting the User's Account. Deletion is carried out at the written request of the User through the feedback form on the 7th calendar day, after receiving this request by the Website Administration. If the User has a valid Subscription at the time of deletion of his/her Account, a full or partial refund of funds on it is not provided.

8. Liability of the parties

8.2. In case of loss or disclosure of confidential information, the Website Administration is not responsible if this confidential information:

8.2.1. Became public domain before its loss or disclosure.

8.2.2. Was received from a third party until it was received by the Website Administration.

8.2.3. Was disclosed with the consent of the User.

9. Settlement of Disputes

9.1. Before going to court with a claim for disputes arising from the relationship between the Website User and the Website Administration, it is mandatory to submit a letter before proceedings (a written proposal for a voluntary settlement of the dispute).

9.2. The recipient of the claim within 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim shall notify the applicant of the claim in writing about the results of the consideration of the claim.

9.3. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to the court in accordance with applicable law.

9.4. To this Privacy Policy and the relationship between the User and the Website Administration, applicable international legislation and GDPR regulations apply.

10. Supplementary Conditions

10.1. The Website Administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time without the consent of the User. However, the Site Administration undertakes to notify the Website Users by sending a mailing to the email addresses specified by such Users during registration that changes have been made to this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions, or by highlighting the changes made in the text of the document in any way. The Site Administration is not responsible for any failure to receive notifications by the User about the changes made to the Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and Conditions for technical reasons, in connection with a previously provided refusal to receive mailings by the User, or because of an incorrectly provided email address by such User.

10.2. The new Privacy Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Website unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Privacy Policy.

10.3. All suggestions or questions about this Privacy Policy should be reported by e-mail using the feedback form.

10.4. The current Privacy Policy is posted on the page at: